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This page is dedicated to our companion Dalmatians and their wonderful families. More pictures and information to be added.

Some of Our Past Puppies...
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Victory with his mentor Wishbone

Victory loves Wishbone

Atlantis Wildcat Victory

Here is a picture of the puppy with his buddy, 10 year old Wishbone. I am going to name him Atlantis Wildcat Victory. We are calling him Victory. My son plays football for the Scurry-Rosser Wildcat, and some of the puppys spots look like a wildcat paw and he has a spot pattern on his hip that looks like a V, and my husbands favorite motorcycle is a Victory. Take care, I hope all is well with you.
Becky Letsche

Victory with Dad
Victory with his Dad.

Arlo at the Charleston Fire Department

Arlo checking out the "dog".

Atlantis Arlo

Here are a couple of pictures of Arlo that were taken in August.

He is doing well out here in Charleston, South Carolina. I have lived out here nearly three years now since moving from College Station. He went into for his routine checkup last weekend and is very healthy and weighed at 56 lbs.

He has been absolutely great ... the best dog ever !!!

Spencer Sit

Spencer Sleeping

Atlantis Spencer

Hi Suzan!
We just wanted to give you an update and let you know how much we love Spencer! He is the sweetest little boy ever! He's pretty spoiled...he goes to work with me every day and plays with the other puppies then we go to the dog park after work, take a nap, and go for a big walk when Aaron gets home. He has a little step stool so he can get on and off the couch whenever he wants. He starts training classes next week. I can't get over how smart he is. He is already such an important part of our family and we love him so much. The cats love him too and one like to get in his crate and clean him while he sleeps. He couldn't be a better match! Attached are a few pictures we've gotten of him. He's getting big so fast and seems to get new spots every week. His favorite toy is still the yellow ducky you gave him. :)

Thanks for everything!
Christy, Aaron, and Spencer

BJ laying on doggy bed

BJ with Mastiff

Atlantis BJ

Hope you are doing good. I wanted to send a couple of pictures of BJ. He is house broken and fitting in very nicely. He is not shy about walking all over the mastiffs, literally! If they are in his way and he wants to get by he will just go over them. It's funny to watch. I doubt they, Harley and Dudley, even feel him as he's walking on them.


Lola head shot

Atlantis Lola


Ch Atlantis Gentleman Caller

Click here for pedigree page

Beau has found a home on a 200 acre horse farm in Georgia. He is the only dog for the time being as he awaits the arrival of a new baby sister (spotted and four footed). What a life!

Breeze & Abby

Breezy & Linn

Breezy Head Shot

Olsen's Atlantis Seabreeze

We took our traditional dog photos and I'm working on getting them fixed up with Christmas greetings printed on them. Breeze is, of course, now part of the tradition. I'll mail and email finished products - there are lots of people who look forward to seeing these photos every year.

It is sad that our beautiful Belle is no longer with us, but Breeze is here and such a wonderful delight. She has boundless enthusiasm for everything. We have had many comments on how beautiful she is, how cute, how lovely the shape of her head is.

Her best playmate is Abby, who is the Boston terrier pictured. They both like chasing each other at high speed with daring turns and twists- hiding behind trees. Fun to watch - and great to use up that energy.



Fudge Shelton

Dear Suzi,

We think Fudge is the ideal pet. He is always a pleasure to be with. He wants nothing more than to be with Alice and me. His disposition is always positive. He is very curious and needs to sniff each new thing. When we are in the yard, even for hours, he follows, watches, and stays close.

He fetches a Frisbee for me. When friends are in the yard to throw the Frisbee, he brings it to me.

We still have the small rug you sent with him. We refer to it as the "Suzi rug." We keep it in his dog house (about the size of your crates).

He will only drink very fresh water. The water must not be in his bowl more than one hour or he will wait for hours until he again has fresh water before he drinks. Alice says he is her "spoiled rotten dog."

He seems to love small children. A three-year-old girl stepped on his paw and later took from him his favorite toy. He wagged his tail.

He continues to catch and eat rabbits. Big ones, even babies, he likes them all. He likes to eat anything he can catch, including a grasshopper. If he gets a chance, he will even eat a minnow.

If we say "no" when he starts to do something, he never attempts again. When I tell him to "stay," as in a place in our house, he remains for long periods, even an hour, until I return.

In short, we love this animal. He charms everyone who has contact with him. We leave him in a clinic when we travel. They call him "Fudgee." I believe he is their favorite. They refer to me as "Fudge Shelton's owner."

I think that your technique of having your puppies handled may have conditioned Fudge to be so accepting to a human touch. He even likes to be petted while he is eating, drinking, or awaking. I have never seen this in another dog.

When Fudge's time is over, and I hope that won't be for a long time, I expect to contact you for a replacement.

I wish you well with your Dalmatians.

Jack, Alice, and Fudge Shelton

Daisy Sokulski

Lazy Daisy

Dear Suzi:

Here's a picture of Daisy. We love having her around the house. She is so smart!! As you can see, she has turned out to be quite a stunning dal. Daisy is going to be 11 months-old this month. She is absolutely adorable. Loves to cuddle and to play with her toys.

Graciela Sokulski

Here's a cute picture of lazy Daisy. She's grown so much!!

Preacher Man & Larry

Larry and Cindy Morgan and their two children came out to our house with the intention of purchasing a puppy. However, Truly Scrumptious decided that she needed to go home with the kids.

When the new puppies were born Cindy and Larry took Preacher Man to keep Truly company. That was seven years ago. Now Truly and Preacher Man are inseperable.

Preacher Man runs five miles a day with Larry and plays ball with anyone who will throw it. Truly is a lounge lizard and enjoys being a lady of leisure. Truly is ten years old.

Preacher Man & Truly Scrumptious

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